Lary Kuehn

About the Author

Lary Kuehn’s new book, takes the essentials of Séance work, puts them in a logical order, and provides the tools, the methods and the psychology of this style of entertainment in one place. He puts the knowledge of dozens of books on Séances and 60 years of performing bizarre magick at the tip of your claws. And now he teaches you how to make your audience believe they have actually seen a Ghost!


Apparitions by Lary Kuehn

The Bigger Book of BOO!

The Bigger Book of BOO! Soft Cover Book by Lary Kuehn

Traveler’s Journal

Traveler’s Journal Soft Cover Book by Lary Kuehn

The Heart Deck

The Heart Deck: 50 works of art to inspire and empower wholehearted living.