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Hello I am Fiona Robertson and known for many things including the Dragon Lady, (because the Dragons re real and want to be known by you ) Detox Diva and Body Whisperer, or at home the Little Witch, as I have chosen a route that is outside the box from nutrition and perceptions about standard life refusing to believe that thats our lot and settle for mediocre. I am dedicated to create magic.

It’s been over 20 years I’ve been trying to follow this current path in life and put together the important synchronicities that have brought me to here.

I knew from early on that the quest was bigger than me and heading in a direction to do something exceedingly significant. I could feel it scratching away at me for years.

I feel had a long wait to understand what that was about. But now I have unveiled it and that it’s the souls work of the connection to consciousness and the ultimate body connection. The steps and stages for the evolution of humanity to know you’re own consciousness. Which is what I call Practical Magic and becoming your own powerful Creator.

The journey that I have been more willing to follow all started from exploring mind over matter, a few paranormal events and a voice in my head asking ‘if I wanted to live like this for the next 5 years?’ Which I didn’t. So I was directed and shown to travel the world for a year and learn to be in conscious in flow, learning the principles and benefits of cleansing and a phase of detox to enhance the flow state and altered states of energy around the body and mind.

This led me to write and design the 7 Day Home Detox Box and then create the Detox for your soul as a way to give 1000’s of people a clean fresh start and open up to their consciousness and soul led journey

The body’s wisdom and higher intelligence was something that came through next as I coached clients and I could feel what they were feeling and guided them through a journey to know the cause of the physical symptoms coming from persistent thoughts and held emotions. I believe that due to my years of detoxing and flushing my body with raw foods and high vitality juices I was running on a different vibration. It has been a long journey one where I did not know the destination yet it came through never the less.

My soul is well and truly in the house (this body) and has assisted me with her interventions that I was told to write about in Practical Magic Life and as I was writing I channelled 1 Matriarch Dragon called Sarafina and then 7 further dragons who are here specifically to assist humanity evolve consciously. To transcend the mundane obligations of a standard life and labour intensive old ways and start creating a better brighter future. They whole journey with the dragons is to build a clear connection between your conscious and sub conscious ( soul ) as we prepare for this progressive altered state that is coming where the frequencies are radically different from what we had even 5 years ago. This Ultimate Body Connection is what I was asked to call it when you are awake and tuned in to the consciousness of everything.

The dragons come at times of great need, every century or so to assist the transition of humanity to upgrade the population to these new levels of consciousness

I now also run ‘Conscious life body and business readings the Vision Source has for you’ and how to make that come to fruition, by linking in with consciousness. This is including how to be a conscious parent, how to manage life and work balance and prepare your physical body purifying it to be a better receptor with the Home Detox Box, which I was shown to write back in 2005, promoting fluidity inside and out and to be in flow with powerful altered mind states, allowing you to be supremely conscious yourself and live in a body that is a clean clear and pure receiver.

Straight from one almighty dragon to you:

"Sarafina: It is frustrating for us to see the human race struggling so much, but this is the time of great change so we do understand, and that’s why we are here to help. This is a great time to change things in a way that the population and the planet is operating, and surviving and what you came here for in the first place, what you came to experience on the planet. Such a beautiful planet that was set up for you".

"Sarafina: The human population needs to evolve from being over thinkers.

It’s about human beings having shut down their access and disconnected to consciousness and their awareness because it was too much to deal with. On the contrary it is less to deal with than the amount of force and energy and rules and regulations, and not being able to trust people and things going wrong.

It is a complete turn around from the way you think you need to do things to get things done, and to get what you want.

There is a continual conversation that includes the soul, the spirit, in every single thing that you do. You feel your body respond as you communicate and you just know because you can feel it. You feel the energy of it rising from your body.

There seems to be so much you have to think about. Until you can control the mind and have peace in the mind. Until then you are going to be chaotic, your feelings are going to be too many, your thoughts are going to be too many. And then nothing can be heard by us and nothing can be delivered. You cannot receive because of what you are sending out, what you are radiating is just utter confusion. We feel the confusion and can’t act or guide you."

The Dragons are real


Fiona Robertson

Conscious evolution of humanity

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